Water Heating System

Solar thermal systems use sunlight to heat water — for domestic use, swimming pools and more. A typical direct solar thermal system consists of collector, pipes and an insulated tank.
World Class product for performance and reliability

Ellume Solar hot water system is a cost effective, maintenance free and environment friendly product. Its an investment with real returns. Our non-welded stainless steel inner tank offers unsurpassed reliability and our vacuum tubes with 3 layer coating facilitates rapid heat transfer.
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ELLUME SOLAR provides turnkey commercial solar thermal solutions which will help lower operating costs by reducing fossil fuel consumption and carbon footprint.Alongside, we provide engineering services tailored to your project needs. Our systems are long lasting providing up to 25 years of reliable performance. Years of engineering and design experience have resulted in robust system designs that are virtually maintenance free for many years of usage.


We design all our systems with a Return On Investment (ROI) target. Depending on the fossil fuel type the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) varies from 10 – 30%.

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Swimming Pools and Spa
  • Restaurants
  • Hostels and Boarding schools
  • Breweries and Wineries
  • Dairies and Agriculture
  • Space Heating
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • And many more…..

  • Lowering operating costs and increase profitability
  • Maintain budget without cutting key services
  • Increase sales and customer loyalty
  • Increase local media coverage and generate positive
  • media attention
  • Reduce carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels
  • Become a green leader in your community
Solar Thermal System Estimate
Location Baroda
Number of Rooms 30
Hot water use / Day 1000 L
Hot water Temperature 600 C
Total Solar Installed costs: ₹ 2,34,000 ₹ 4,03,000
Number of Collectors 5 3
Gross Collector Surface Area 10.7 m2 13.32 m2
Heat Delivere 7.9 MWh 8.3 MWh
Solar Fraction 51% 64%
Design Load Temperature 600 C 600 C
Heating Fuel Natural Gas Natural Gas
Heating Fuel Savings 12 MWh 13 MWh
Annual CO2 Emissions Avoided 2.4 tCO2 2.5 tCO2
Annual Energy Output: 26.93 MMBtu 28.29 MMBtu
Installed Capacity 6.51 kWth 6.13 kWth
Current Energy Cost (Rs/L): ₹ 33 ₹ 33
Fuel cost escalation rate 7% 7%
Inflation rate 7% 7%
O & M Cost (% of total cost): 1% 1%
O & M Inflation Rate: 1% 1%
Equity Payback 4.0 years 5.9 years
IRR 30.20% 20.40%
Benefit - Cost Ratio 9.32 4.27
Annual life cycle savings ₹ 1,12,000 ₹ 93,500

  • Non-pressure solar buffer tank
  • Variable speed pumping system
  • Brazed plate or Shell and Tube Heat exchanger (Load and solar side)
  • Differential Temperature Controller and Sensors


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We are participating and showcasing our products and services in "Renewable Energy India Expo 2017". We would like to cordially invite you to REI 2017 Expo for being part of our incredible ... Read More