Living with an on grid solar electric system is the same as living with grid power; expect that some or all electricity you use comes from sun.

Let’s see, the circulation of solar electricity within your house.

Solar PV systems on grid require

     1. Solar Panels

     2. Inverter

     3. Breaker Box

     4. Home Power and Appliances

     5. Meter

     6. Utility power grid.

On-grid system is composed of solar panels and utility grid, but also…


  • A DC connect switch, to interrupt the flow of DC electricity from the solar panels when needed.
  • A DC/AC inverter to convert DC electricity from solar panels to AC electricity used for home appliances,
  • An AC breaker panels, usually installed in your basement, to route and control electricity in your rooms,
  • The electricity meter, to keep track of electricity you use in two directions : your solar electricity and from the grid And finally the household loads, such as lights, TV or washer use AC electricity.

There are 4 different cases


  • The DC solar electricity goes through the DC disconnect switch to the DC/AC inverter where it will be converted to AC.
  • The AC electricity will then supply your household loads through the ac panel breaker.
  • The AC panel breaker also allows you to disconnect the loads or inverter by switching off the breakers and fuse.
  • The sun can provide enough energy to supply your household loads in this case, without need of the utility grid.


  • In some situation, the sun energy might not be enough for your house. Therefore, electricity comes from the Grid to compensate.
  • For example cloudy or rainy days.


  • In case you have an excess of solar electricity from your house, it will even turn the electric meter backward,to the utility grid.
  • Government is planning to provide financial grants and rebates. The utility credits the homeowner’s account for excess solar electricity produced. This arrangement is called net metering or net billing.


  • And in the last case, we don’t have energy coming from sun at night. All the provided by the utility grid.


Ellume Solar’s mission is to provide affordable power service to every consumer around the world.

Who we are

Our Culture

It is really the aspirant people working at Ellume Solar makes it the kind of company that it is. At Ellume Solar, we are team of dedicated professionals driven by a simple goal of providing affordable solar power based solutions to every consumer around the world. Along with that we strive to provide best in class customer service, high quality products and innovative  solutions. We hire people who believe in our mission and what we do, who are smart and determined.

Management Team

Ellume Solar was founded by Mr. Rajendra Damania and Mr. Virat Damania in 2010 with a simple mission of providing affordable power to global community.

Mr. Rajendra Damania is Chairman of Ellume Solar with more than 33 years of experience in Engineering, Technology and Innovation. He is also the Founder and Managing Director of HI-FAB Engineers Pvt. Ltd which has earned a reputation for offering some of the most progressive and innovative Mechanical Seals  in  more than 20 countries globally. Mr. Damania brings this experience and financial resource to Ellume Solar with a goal of providing green, efficient and affordable power to global community for sustainable living.

Mr. Virat Damania is co-founder of Ellume Solar and currently responsible for managing Global Operations. He has extensive background in Solar, Mechanical sealing and Medical device industry. He passionately pursues his dream of Empowering Lives by leading and driving innovations in Solar Industry through Ellume Solar.



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Additional locations are:

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Why we do what we do:

In everything we do, we believe we can Empower Lives by challenging the status quo and by doing things differently. We believe that every human on the planet should have access to affordable power.

How we do it?

By providing green, efficient and affordable solar power solutions to global community.

What we do?

We offer innovative solar power based solutions for residential and commercial applications. But wait ..... we offer it at zero* upfront cost to you. You only pay what you use or a fixed monthly bill which is lower than your current electricity bill. Ask us how you can get your zero down solar power and say goodbye to power cuts and ever increasing electricity bills.


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We are participating and showcasing our products and services in "Renewable Energy India Expo 2017". We would like to cordially invite you to REI 2017 Expo for being part of our incredible ... Read More